Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the link in the homepage, follow the steps and then process the payment via Payfast.

Once you have done this, we will need to approve the membership and you will be send information via email on each step and once it’s done.


We require all users to complete the registration process to ensure accurate user logs and secure data within our database.

Is my information safe?

We will NEVER share your information openly and ONLY other members will be able to see what you allow.

Can I share GRAPEVINE.GLOBAL with my network?

Yes of course, the more people like us we get into the network the more powerful it becomes.

Do I need to submit an article before it is posted?

Yes you do. We have set it up this way so that we can avoid any controversial articles being posted as well as spreading unnecessary hype.

Our aim is not to limit freedom of sharing information but rather to remain neutral and keep the focus on what we all do and who else we can connect with in doing so.


The Submit An Article link is in the main menu once you are signed in.

Can anyone Submit An Event?

Yes, we’ve made this open to all members so that you indirectly have access to the entire membership base when you launch your ‘next big thing’.

Once again, we have asked for these to be submitted for now, but may open this up in time – we want to share the magic with everyone and not limit networking & collaboration.


So … if you are launching a business, a venue, a new vehicle etc – let us know and let’s get the right people there !


The Submit An Event link is in the main menu once you are signed in.

Can anyone enquire about becoming a speaker?

Yes, we want to hear from the people we know today but didn’t know yesterday – core to our purpose.

If you have a topic you’d like to speak on or want to suggest a thought-leader Rockstar type individual – let us know on hello@grapevine …

Why is the Partners Page blank?

It’s an important piece that we are still building and will be launching it soon.

We’ve had so many conversations with brands, venues & services – we want to ensure this is 100% seamless before launching to our members.

This layer of the membership will be aimed at doing 2 things mainly:

  1. Bringing the right people through the doors of our partners in return for preferential treatment, and
  2. Offering you more as member with the top brands, venues & services around.

If you would like to become a partner, please let us know on hello@grapevine.global